Pool designs


The grand linear design of the platinum range is ideal for large families and the health conscious. The minimalist design features double entry steps and resting ledges in each corner which allows the substantial swimming space. The liberal and practical swimming area of the Platinum range is truly a reflection of the pools thoughtful, elegant and modern design.


Platinum 6                                 6.0m x 3.0m 1.14m – 1.66m Deep Platinum 7
7.0m x 3.0m 1.15m – 1.7m Deep    Platinum 8
8.0m x 3.6m 1.1m – 1.9m Deep      Platinum 9
9.0m x3.6m 1.1m – 1.95m Deep    Platinum 10
10.0 x 3.7m 1.1m – 2.05m Deep    Platinum 11
11.0 x 4.0,  1.1m – 2.2m Deep